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The Planet Agents company focuses on producing and delivering educational programmes, publishing, interactive shows and gaming with one top secret mission: to get kids aged 5-12 excited about environmental issues while having a ton of fun. Tens of thousands of kids have become secret Planet Agents to save the world, taking on top secret missions against the supervillain Ivan Von Powervamp and his resource-depleting allies.

Founded in 2009 by author and sustainability expert Eleni Andreadis, who penned the best-selling Planet Agents book series, the organisation started off as an environmental non-profit tied to the books. However, in the past year the company is developing the Planet Agents brand across different platforms. It has also branched into animation though Planet Agents Productions, a production shingle with a comedy action TV show currently in development and selected to be presented at the Cartoon Forum 2016, in Toulouse, France.



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